A staged launch rocket computer model



space propulsion, launchers, numerical models


In this work, studies were developed based on specialized bibliography and computational models to create a staged rocket simulator, with the aim of developing a teaching tool. A staged rocket is a vehicle that uses two or more stages, each of which contains its own engines and propellants. The effective result is equivalent to two or more rockets that, taken together, are often called a launch vehicle. Two-stage rockets are very common but launch vehicles with up to five stages have been used. Discarding the lower stages (already exhausted) reduces the mass of the rocket, which allows the remaining stages to accelerate the rocket more easily to its final speed and altitude. This work brings together some pedagogical axes, seeking important aspects of the training of an aerospace engineer: creativity and innovation, application guidance, practice of teamwork, systemic and collaborative and immersion in academic and cultural diversity.

Vol.6, nº.2, December 2023




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